Application Procedure

Ndejje University offers postgraduate courses at Masters and Diploma levels besides those offered at undergraduate levels. Prospective students should apply through the Academic Registrar to whom the applications should be sent before the beginning of every Semester (i.e. August or January) or every Session (i.e. August, December, April). Late applications are only accepted if the program space allows. These should be received not later than one month after the start of the appropriate semester; OR not later than a week after the beginning of a session. The admission procedure includes the Masters Program applicants.

A prospective student can apply through the Ndejje University Online Self Service Admissions Management System by clicking the APPLY NOW  button and following through the prescribed steps guided by the Ndejje Online Applications Wizard. Paper - Based Application Forms can also be filled. The Form is obtainable from the Academic Registrar's Office(Main Campus) or at the Kampala Campus. Alternaltively, the Under Graduate or Post Graduate forms can also be downloaded here.

Application can also be made  byfilling the application form obtainable from the Academic Registrar's office(Main Campus) or at the Kampala Campus. Further inquiries on specific issues may be sought by writing or telephoning directly to: 

The Academic Registrar Ndejje University
P. O. Box 7088, Kampala
Tel: +256-0392-730321
Fax: +256-312-202781

All application forms must be accompanied by genuine copies of the "0" level certificates and/or pass slips; and for candidates who sat for "A" level before the current year, by a copy of the "A" -level certificate and/or pass slips.

Four (4) recent passport size photographs, preferably colored, must be submitted with the application form. 

Admission Requirements

Ndejje University has two principal avenues for entry into the University:

Direct "A" Level Entry

Candidates who have completed "A"- level are considered. They should have obtained two or more Principal passes at the same sitting at the "A" level examinations in any subject. Except when specifically provided in special faculty requirements, all subjects offered by the Uganda National Examinations Board are regarded as approved subjects for entry. 

Mature Age Entry Scheme

(i) All candidates who may have attempted "A"-level and fail to get two principal passes but have relevant working experience, may seek admission to the University
(ii) Candidates who hold a Diploma with relevant qualifications (e.g. in education, business administration, etc) may seek admission. Candidates, who hold several certificates and have relevant experience, may also seek admission for the course relevant to their experience.

Also, candidates who fail to get principal passes at "A"- level or international students who don't meet the minimum entry requirements can be admitted to the "Advanced Certificate Course" for one year. When they score an average of 60% in the final examinations, they may be admitted for the degree course in the following year.