Financial Information

All information pertaining to finances is obtained from the Bursar's office. The Bursar heads the Finance Department. His office is open from Monday through Friday, from 8.00 am to 5.00pm. 

Payment of University Dues
Students are required to show proof of payment of all University dues to the Bursar's office. Fees for each Semester are payable at the beginning of that Semester, after which a student must register with the Academic Registrar's office; then he becomes a bona fide student of the University.
Cash payments to the Bursar are not accepted; money must be banked into one of the University Fees Collection Accounts.
In addition to tuition fees, students are required to pay functional fees as shown below:
  Semester I Semester II
Registration(Late Registraton 50,000/=) 60,000/= 60,000/=
Examination 60,000/= 60,000/=
Library 150,000/= 150,000/=
Development 120,000/= 120,000/=
Sports Fee 25,000/= 25,000/=
Guild 50,000/=  
Identity Card 20, 000/=  
UNISA & NCHE 21,000/=  
Medical Fees 50,000/=  
Chaplaincy Fee 10,000/=  
Bank Charges 2,500/= 2,500/=
(i)   Centenary Rural Development Bank Entebbe Road Branch, Kampala
      Account No:3010005055
      Title of Account: Ndejje University Fees Collection Account 
(ii)  Centenary Rural Development Bank Wobulenzi Branch, Wobulenzi 
      Account No:3510021366
      Title of Account: Ndejje University Fees Collection Account.
(iii) DFCU Bank, Uganda.
      Account No:01013500075284
      Title of Account: Ndejje University Fees Collection Account 
(iv) Equity Bank, Uganda.
      Account No:0200562412
      Title of Account: Ndejje University Fees Collection Account.
Bank pay -in -slips to any of the above Accounts are obtainable from the Bursar's office or at any of the accounts offices on the three campuses. For DFCU and Equity Banks, banking slips are obtainable at the banks.
Cheque Payments
Personal cheques are not acceptable. Only verified Bankers' Cheques (Bank Drafts) written in the names of "Ndejje University" are acceptable. The student is required to bring a copy of the Banking Pay -in -Slip to the Bursar's office: who will issue a receipt for the total amount banked.
Students' Financial Records 
The Bursar's office is ever ready to furnish each student with details regarding the payment of University dues. However, students are advised to keep copies of all Bank pay -in -slips and receipts issued by the Bursar's office. 
The Finance Manager, Ndejje University
P. O. Box 7088, Kampala
Tel: +256-0392-730323
Fax: +256-312-202781